E-Learning Courses

Foundations for an Abundant Life


Discovering your God-inspired purpose, planning, making decisions, uncovering vocational interests, finding your personal style


Overcoming trials, developing character, creating optimism, dealing with change, developing emotional intelligence, fostering healthful habits, growing wisdom


Developing stronger relationships, becoming self-aware and socially sensitive, resolving conflict, creating a healthy culture, communicating effectively


Building your christ-centered faith for dealing with change, eliminating time wasters, focusing on what matters most

About Our E-Learning

With members hailing from all over the world—from the realms of church, business, philanthropy, and academia—the team at Abundant Life Education is a vibrant and diverse community of E-learning professionals, researchers, and students.

Our E-learning platforms focus on professional and life skills across a diverse range of subjects, and our library is continuously growing.

Assessments &
Insight Coaching

Personal Coaching

Assessments and coaching go hand and hand. Get very specific and targeted coaching based on your individual personality, goals, and attitudes!

Individual Assessments

Learn about yourself with individual assessments. With keen insight into your motivation and personality you will gain security and awareness in your life to achieve even more!

Team Assessments

Learn how to build highly functional teams and how to interact with groups in an assertive professional manner. Its about creating win-win scenarios!

360° Assessments

360° assessments are comprehensive approaches that shed light into ourselves in ways we can rarely see on our own.

Exclusive Interviews

Coffee Talk Series

Coffee talk series is an ongoing series for members. Get consistent updates on exclusive updates geared toward a wide Christian audience. Stay up to date with the series by subscribing!

Virtual Interviews with
Christian Thought Leaders

Listen to interviews with authors, pastors, organizational leaders, and influencers within the Christian community to learn how to live the Abundant Life Jesus offers. Become a member to get the whole series and keep up to date on the latest content. 

Abundant Life Podcast

The video/audio podcast by Randy Kay and David Baldwin is about building an Abundant Life. We will be discussing various topics relevant to the Christian audience that reflect contemporary issues and challenges faced by many believers.

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