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Virtual Interviews with Christian Thought Leaders

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Listen to an Interview with Abundant Life Co-Founder, Randy Kay

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Building the Foundations of a Thriving Career & Life

by Randy Kay | Episode 1

“The Abundant Life” Podcast with David Baldwin and Randy Kay

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Upcoming Conference: Date TBD due to COVID19

“Being in the World but Not of The World”

Ready to find out how to fulfill your calling in a world that has become increasingly secular?

If so, then you’re in the right place! This Conference is a virtual 2-day experience at that is focused on helping believers learn the practical aspects of living out their faith in secular social settings, including the workplace, schools, and politics.

The weekend will be filled with opportunities to hear from Christian leaders who have created solutions for making the Christian walk a full-time practice. We anticipate this event will fill to capacity very quickly, so register for your spot now.