Thriving Mindset Indicator (TMI) 

This 72-item assessment is designed to explore how to thrive in life and understand the skills
and characteristics in relationship to living out the PACEsetter archetype. This archetype is
based on a 30-year longitudinal study of exemplary leaders who have chosen to thrive amidst
the challenges and trials in life. In addition, this assessment is used in combination with a e-
learning course to develop a thriving mindset to better assist and understand how to live the
Abundant Life. This valid and reliable psychometrically driven tool provides clarity on
harnessing “The Power to Thrive” as you utilize the following four success factors:

1) Purpose which produces passion and provides focus and clarity to motivate people to excel
2) Attitude plays an essential role toward gaining optimal achievement and includes resiliency
3) Connection reflects the way in which we relate to others in relationship and produces joy
4) Energy which dictates whether we can sustain the momentum for achieving lasting results,
foremost being our faith in Jesus Christ.

Those sincere enough to acknowledge areas of improvement can profit from this assessment
which is supported by a fully enabled e-learning course that compliments the tool.

Begin Your Abundant Life!