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Power to Thrive E-Learning

Module one of the Power To Thrive E-Learning covers scientifically proven ways to connect with yourself and your purpose. With the learning plus the workbooks modules associated within, you will be able to connect to your true purpose. 


We recommend contacting us about taking four different assessments to help gain insight into your specific talents and purpose. Those four assessments are: Decision Style Profile, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Strong Interest and Vocational Assessment, and Skillscope Assessment. 


In additional to the Power to Thrive E-Learning, we recommend you get the whole Power To Thrive book to further dive into your purpose and how to fullfil it. 


Assessments do no good without having a coach help you interpret your results and help you build on what you learned about yourself. We recommend after each assessment a one hour coaching session to accelerate you down the right track. 

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Discover your God-inspired purpose, planning, making decisions, uncovering vocational interests, finding your personal style.


Overcoming trials, developing character, creating optimism, dealing with change, developing emotional intelligence, fostering healthful habits, growing wisdom.


Building stronger relationships, becoming self-aware and socially sensitive, resolving conflict, creating a healthy culture, communicating effectively.


Building your faith, dealing with change, eliminating time wasters, focusing on what matters most.

Servant Leadership

Leading like Jesus, fostering teamwork, developing leadership skills, gaining influence.